Natalia Volpe

Natalia Volpe grew up in Argentina, is a graphic designer with a degree from the Faculty of Design and Urbanism of Buenos Aires and obtained a Master's degree in Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She spent more than 15 years teaching at the University of Buenos Aires, before devoting herself exclusively to her studio, where she develops graphic, editorial and artistic projects, dividing her time between Buenos Aires and Lyon, where her currently resides.

Committed to the design of social posters, allocates part of her production to posters that challenge society. Which have been recognized and exhibited in different parts of the world.

She is also a founding member of the Onaire graphic collective. Where he experiences a work method called "Guiso gráfico", which serves as a tool for her collective artistic work. With the group she also addresses issues related to history, social and cultural reality; with pieces of different formats: murals, objects and posters. This allows you to develop cultural projects, participate in exhibitions, provide workshops and conferences to publicize the method in different parts of the world.

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